Sesamestreet celebrates it’s 40th birthday! And because of that, they asked several dutch animators and illustrators to make animations of classical children-songs. 40 in total (that’s not an coincidence).
Hereby a collaboration between designer extra-extraordinaire Esther van den Berg and me for the Golden-Oldie ‘Zevensprong’. The song contains 7 times a refrain. That’s very boring, so we tried to keep the lightness and pleasure in the song by adding loads of subtile jokes… Did you know Pino (Big Bird) is a daddy?!

Concept: Esther van den Berg & Balder Westein
Artwork: Esther van den berg
Animation: Balder Westein
Music: Henny Vrienten
production: Monique Korteweg, Jorien van Dam, José van Os

© Sesamstraat 2016