Awesome Dutch Hip-Hop band De Jeugd van
Tegenwoordig asked me to create all promo-stuff
such as Logo, Posters, Teasers and Movies for their
upcomming Puppet Musical-tour ‘Watskeburt?’
It was a roller-coaster-ride with Muppet Puppets (designed by illustrator extraordinaire Wouter Tulp),
Green-Screens, miniature sets and funky music!
Thank you so much guys, it was a blast!!

Client: Jeugd van Tegenwoordig
Production: Bos Theater productions
Executive Producer: Eric Holman
Creative Producer: Thomas Bruining
PR / Marketing: Chantal van der kroon
Direction&Animation: Balder Westein
Intern Animation: Fleur de Boer
DOP: Tom Driesen
Edit: Philip Smeulers
Puppet-design: Wouter Tulp
Puppets: Jonathan Saville
Puppeteer 1: Jogchem Jalink
Puppeteer 2: Cripta Scheepers
Puppeteer 3: Bradley Groffen
Puppeteer 4: Anna Keunig