Hollands Hoop is an awesome Dutch Drama Series by Frankie Ribbens and Dana Nechushtan for BNN-VARA.
Forensic psychiatrist Fokke Augustinus makes an unexpected career change when he inherits his father’s mansion in Groningen where he becomes involved with a criminal organization with a marijuana plantation on his father’s land.
I had the pleasure designing the Title sequence and many more items for the series like the posters for season 3, the final season.

Client: Dana Nechushtan & Franky Ribbens
Production Company: BNN-VARA
Producers: Robert Kievit & marina Blok
Animation&Design: Balder Westein
Music: Torre Florim & Janne Schra

Direction: Dana Nechushtan
DOP: Bert Pot
Design: Balder Westein
Thanks to all cast and crew

Dana (the director) was blown away by the work of Ivan Bilibin, a Russian illustrator around 1900. His old Russian Fairytale Style  is atmospheric and dark and could work very well with presenting the main characters of Hollands Hoop.  It’s a little bit of a mix between Jugendstil and Tarot cards.
I’ve never worked in that style, so it was a big challenge to achieve that same sinister feeling in the posters.
Dana & Bert (DOP) photographed all characters in front of a greenscreen. With these photographs I designed the rest of the scene.
I’m so happy with the results of the 5 posters. Thanks so much Dana, for keeping me sharp and pushing my boundaries. 😀