‘De Boterhamshow’ (the SandwichShow) is a Dutch Puppet-talkshow for kids. Hilarious and highly entertaining. Kids have to learn stuff, so it is educational as well! The NTR asked me to provide the leader, logo, bumpers, effectshots, artwork and animation of an irritating fly. It was a joy working on the show, with such a talented and warm crew!

Client: NTR
Producers: Ajé Boschhuizen, Jeroen Pelgrom, Christina Hoksbergen
Production: Annelies van Erp, Elise Uiterwijk Winkel
Direction on Set:  David Grifhorst
Miniatures, Animation, etc: Balder Westein
Interns: Marijn Herder, Bonne Stijnz
Light&Pics: Bert Pot
Camera: Tom Driesen
Music: Slabamski Soundexperience